Wednesday, November 22, 2006

1-month T-bill yield up to 5.25%

The Treasury auction on Tuesday resulted in the following yields for new T-bills:

  • 27-day T-bill investment rate up from 5.243% to 5.252%, equivalent to 5.38% APY
  • 90-day T-bill investment rate down from 5.088% to 5.071%, equivalent to 5.17% APY
  • 181-day T-bill investment rate up from 5.153% to 5.136%, equivalent to 5.20% APY

The duration of these T-bills was trimmed by a day (from 28, 91, and 182 days) since they will be issued a day later due to Thursday being the Thanksgiving holiday.

My own 1-month T-bills rolled over this week. This was the first time since July that I have gotten a yield at or greater than the Fed funds target rate of 5.25%.

-- Jack Krupansky


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