Sunday, May 27, 2007

Budget for other expenses for my June trip to New York City - rev 1

Oops... I forgot that I had a certificate for a free entree (steak or lobster) at the Palm steakhouse. I've adjusted my budget downwards and the new budget is shown below, compared to my previous budget...


Although I've taken care of my flight and hotel expenses for my trip to New York City in June, I do need to finish budgeting other expenses that wouldn't be covered by my normal daily budget.

Expenses I already know about:

  • Bus fare between Newark Airport and Manhattan - $23 RT
  • Bus fare to Ocean County to visit my mother - $38.10 RT ($15.50 * 2 + $3.55 * 2)
  • Lunch premium - $35 ($5 * 7)
  • Dinner premium - $180 ($10 * 3 + $30 * 1 + 1 free + $45 * 2)
  • Misc - $50

For a total of $296.

I have tried to be overly generous on my meals budget since I know how expensive Manhattan can be and I know that I want to enjoy the visit, but I do in fact expect to come in well under budget on meals and "Misc." I have no idea what I might spend the $50 "Misc" on, but unexpected expenses or opportunities do come up.

I've added this amount to my August budget spreadsheet since that is when I would have to pay the credit card bills, assuming I incur the charges after the June statement date.

That does put a modest hole in my August budget,but I think I have enough slack in my overall budget to recover as I go through the next two months.

-- Jack Krupansky


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