Saturday, August 04, 2007

ECRI Weekly Leading Index indicator down moderately sharply but continues to point to a relatively healthy economy in the months ahead

The Weekly Leading Index (WLI) from the Economic Cycle Research Institute (ECRI) fell moderately sharply (-0.80% vs. -0.19% last week) and the six-month smoothed growth rate fell moderately (from +6.4% to +6.1%), but remains moderately above the flat line, suggesting that the economy continues to have plenty of steam, although it is not signalling an outright boom.

A WLI growth rate of zero (0.0) would indicate an economy that is likely to run at a steady growth rate, neither accelerating nor decelerating. A WLI fluctuating in a range from +1.5% to -1.5% would seem to forecast a relatively stable "Goldilocks" economy. We're actually doing somewhat better than that now.

If I were looking at this one indicator alone, I would say that the Fed is succeeding at its goal of moderating the economy to a sustainable growth rate.

I will offer the caveat that the Weekly Leading Index and its smoothed growth rate do not tell us how strong the economy will be six or nine months from now, but do tell us whether whether weakness or strength is more likely a few months from now. It works best to tell us whether a "gathering storm" might be lurking just around the corner, but presently indicates "clear weather" for the next few months.

-- Jack Krupansky


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