Thursday, January 29, 2009

Where are all the credit card offers??

I just realized that I have not received any new credit card offers in the mail for quite some time. None in 2009 and none in December of 2008. The last one, from WaMu was back in November of 2008. I do receive email solicitations on occasion, but that is about it.

Maybe they found out I have not had work since November.

Actually, the simple answer is that the credit card companies are not able to securitize much in the way of new credit card debt, not with a deep recession increasing the likeligood that consumers will be defaulting on their debt.

In truth, I have no need for additional credit cards. I have three and only use one of them. Still, I do not particularly like the idea that I no longer have a wealth of choices if I should decide to cancel any of my existing cards. Oh, I am sure I could get additional cards, but not necessarily on the kind of favorable terms I am used to.

-- Jack Krupansky


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