Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Death to the Hummer!!

As GM struggles to restructure to survive, it seems abundantly clear to me that the Hummer has to go. Sure, if they find a buyer they should sell the Hummer business. If they are unable to line up a buyer and the business is unprofitable, the solution is clear: they must kill off the Hummer business. Simply shut it down, kill the Hummer.

Besides, the Hummer is the epitome of excess of a world that no longer exists. Big, expensive, guzzles fossil fuel, favored by overpaid managers and executives -- including those of Wall Street.

At heart, the Hummer is a distraction to GM management. Rather than expending time, energy, and resources figuring out how to save the Hummer, GM management should focus all of that time, energy, and resources on the Volt and other paths that at least have a hope for the future.

The Hummer must go. GM should kill it while they have the chance.

What about Saab? Simply spin it off to local Swedish management for $1, let it file for bankruptcy, and let the Swedish government decide if there is anything worth saving there. If anybody actually wants to buy it for more than $1, great, sell it ASAP. Either way, get this dog off of the plate of GM management as well.

The only thing GM management should be focused on is the path to the future.

-- Jack Krupansky


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