Friday, April 17, 2009

Put my 2008 retirement contributions into Fidelity Freedom Fund 2025

One of my primary goals in all endeavors is simplicity. So, I bit the bullet and put 100% of my 2008 retirement contributions (Roth IRA and SEP-IRA) into the Fidelity Freedom Fund 2025 (FFTWX) "life-cycle" fund that implies I would retire when I am 70 years old, in about 15 years.

Although this fund has lost about 32% over the past year and has already bounced back about 25% from its recent low, I decided to invest now rather than try to "guess" when to time the market. Yes, it sucks that I was not positioned to make this investment a month ago, but that's life.

I am not completely convinced that this is the "best" investment for my retirement, but for now it fits the bill and is reasonably optimum for my current needs.

It also solves part of one problem: I no longer have to worry about having as much cash that is earning very little interest.

-- Jack Krupansky


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