Friday, August 07, 2009

Great idea: Require all Wall Street bonuses to be paid with "toxic" assets

Various people are complaining about Wall Street bonuses and how "banks" are still carrying so much in "toxic" assets on their books at uncertain valuations, so I have the solution to all of these problems:

For the foreseeable future, until the value of these toxic assets goes to zero, require all Wall Street bonuses to be paid in the form of these toxic assets that are on the firm's books.

Give these bozos a taste of their own medicine. Yeah!!

The beauty of this approach is that lets management balance discounting of the value of the toxic assets on the one hand and the willingness of the bozos to accept such assets on the other hand.

In truth, a lot of sharp financial gurus would in fact accept a lot of these assets if only the discount was steep enough.

Of course banks don't want a steep discount because that decimates their capital. Somewhere in the middle is a balance that both sides can accept. The bozos certainly won't get as steep a discount as they would want, but that is probably okay with the American people, the taxpayers, the people who bailed out these bozos.

So, what do you think? Great idea, or am I being too unkind to the bozos on Wall Street?

I really think this could work.

-- Jack Krupansky


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