Thursday, September 12, 2013

Twitter game plan

Okay, Twitter is finally going public!
Here's my investment plan for Twitter:
1. Buy a small amount at the open, at the market price. Guaranteed not to be a great deal, but it gets me in the game - and makes me look like a genius if it rises rapidly.
2. Late in the day, if it is more than 5% off its peak of the day, buy another small amount.
3. Over time, buy another small amount at every 5% dip from its most recent high.
This is all as a long-term investment. No trading. No selling.
Two years from now you will be free to criticize me if I end up looking like an idiot over a two-year horizon.
Over the weekend I started putting together a list of stocks to start buying for the long term, but I haven't started buying yet. Maybe next month. One is Pandora Media – up  12% today.

-- Jack Krupansky


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