Saturday, November 25, 2006

No semi-cheap hotel rooms for New Years Eve weekend in New York City

I made two more attempts to use Priceline to try to get a hotel room for New Years Eve for my two-week trip to New York City at the end of the year. On Thursday I made seven bids that "proved" that I couldn't get a room in Manhattan for $175 or less (or $160 for even a 1-star "hotel"). Today I made seven bids that "proved" that I couldn't get a 3-star hotel room for $200 in midtown Manhattan or even a 2-1/2-star room for $180 anywhere in Manhattan.

On my next "pass" I'll try $200 for a 3-star in midtown west (I forgot that area this time), and then $220 for a 3-star in the rest of Manhattan.

I am still prepared to bid up to $300, but I am reluctant to leave very much money on the table.

Travelocity shows me a Holiday Inn Express in Manhattan for $371 on each of the two nights (Saturday and Sunday). Priceline shows the Ramada Inn East Side (1-star) for $269, the Ramada Plaza New Yorker (2-star) for $299, the La Quinta Inn (3-star???) for $304, the Comfort Inn Chelsea (2-star) for $329, The Roosevelt (3-star) for $329, Holiday Inn Express (2-1/2-star) for $370, and my preferred Millenium UN Plaza (3-star) for $429.

I plan on holding off my bidding for the other nights of my two-week stay until after my credit card statement date of 12/10 so that I don't have to pay until February. I'll also have to decide which nights I might stay in Atlantic City.

-- Jack Krupansky


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