Sunday, June 10, 2007

Beginning second year of my ShareBuilder monthly investment plan

I had been agonizing over whether to continue my year-old ShareBuilder automatic dollar-cost averaging investment plan, but I have finally decided to go ahead with it. That was always going to be my default action, but I do have to admit that the market "swoon" this past week enticed me to continue the plan since the next automatic purchase (on Tuesday) will be a "dip" purchase below the price of some of the purchases in recent months. Of course, that presumes that the market doesn't rally strongly before my purchase gets made on Tuesday. Regardless of whichever scenario plays out in the short term, I feel comforable about the overall U.S. economy and my investment in particular to push on in any case.

There are still other changes I continue to contemplate (like switching to a Roth IRA), but since it is such a modest and sensible plan, continuing it without change for another year seems to be the sensible approach to take at this stage.

-- Jack Krupansky


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