Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Two more Lending Club payments due today

This is an active week for my Lending Club account. Out of my eight investment loans, five of them have activity this week. Everything is proceeding smoothly.

I had one payment due last Friday. That should complete by tomorrow morning.

I had one payment due last Saturday. That should complete by Friday morning.

I have two payments due today. That looks to be in process, although the only hint of that is that their accrued interest temporarily goes to zero. These payments should complete by next Tuesday morning.

I have one payment due tomorrow. That should complete by next Wednesday.

That will leave only two of my eight investment loans still with their first payments out in the future.

Looking ahead, I am thinking about doing a modest bulk investment of four to six loans using the Lending Match feature once everything has settled next week. Or, I may wait until September when have seen at least half of my second payments post to my account.

My biggest unknown is that I do not know if I will have billable work in September or October, so I do not know how much free cash I can commit to investment through Lending Club. I do in fact have more than enough cash, for now, but with this crazy economy you never know. I am not a vegetarian, so "green shoots" are not enough to keep me going. I need some red meat.

-- Jack Krupansky


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