Friday, October 25, 2013

Start of the Twitter IPO road show - in my neighborhood

I was just watching a CNBC video about the start of the Twitter IPO road show here in NYC. They billed it as a tour of "Wall Street." Then, I noticed that the background when the Twitter guys walked out of a building looked awfully familiar, like on Park Avenue in my neck of the woods. The video panned a little and I knew for sure where it was. In fact, when I went out for my "lunch time" walk around 3 PM I had walked past one of the JPMorgan Chase buildings between 47th and 48th Street and Park Avenue and noticed some media vans and cameras. That's rarely unusual, so I paid little attention. From the video there was a JPM tweet from 2:05 PM, so I probably just missed them. Still, kind of cool that the end of the first day of the Twitter road show was in my neighborhood (I live near 50th and Lexington Avenue.)

-- Jack Krupansky


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