Saturday, September 28, 2013

Groupon and Zynga

I do already have Groupon (GRPN) on my Internet stock list, but I had drawn the line of Zynga (ZNGA). Meanwhile, Zynga has been doing fair well in the market, so I've been having second thoughts.
My thesis is that that although I am not terribly excited personally about either of these companies and I don't use either of their products or services, I do have to admit that they both have been very successful at capturing mindshare, which is a very valuable commodity.
Both have suffered the same fates of being overhyped, flying way too high in the early days, struggling with various issues, not the least of which is profits, coming crashing down to earth, but then bouncing back. Not as strong a bounce back as Facebook has achieved, but they do have long lives ahead of them, I think.
I'm not going to bet that either company is a slam dunk in the near term, but I am willing to give each a chance.
I haven't yet opened any new positions for the stocks on my technology investment portfolio, other than maintaining my existing positions in Facebook and Priceline.
So, here is my updated Technology Investment Portfolio:
  • AAPL - Apple
  • AMZN - Amazon
  • GOOG - Google
  • NFLX - NetFlix
  • LNKD - LinkedIn
  • RAX - RackSpace
  • BIDU - Baidu
  • FB - Facebook
  • YELP - Yelp
  • GRPN - Groupon
  • P - Pandora Media
  • PCLN -
  • TSLA – Tesla Motors
  • Z - Zillow
  • MELI – Mercadolibre
  • ZNGA - Zynga
-- Jack Krupansky


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