Thursday, July 30, 2009

Three more of my Lending Club investment loan payments completed posting

Over the past 48 hours three more of my Lending Club investment loan payments from last week have completely posted with all fields updated. I did not pay too close attention to exactly when, but late last night I noticed that processing and updating was complete. My Net Annualized Return is now reported as 12.28%. Everything is fine.

The first payment for my 7th investment loan was in "Processing" on Wednesday, as expected.

That leaves only my 8th investment loan, which will be due in the second week of August.

And then I have a second payment for my first investment loan due on August 12th.

So far, I have gotten $3.46 of my initial $200 principal back and available for reinvestment. And I have received $1.49 in interest with then there is another $1.49 in accrued interest.

And so it goes.

All is fine, so far. The experiment has been successful so far, but I have more observations and experiments to complete.

I am actually itching to do another round of investment, probably using the LendingMatch feature. I will try to be disciplined and wait until September.

-- Jack Krupansky


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